Who is a Life Coach?

Who is a Life Coach?

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Someone who trains you to win the game of life, someone who challenges you to snatch that one thing that you have always wanted to have- and someone who gives you the effective help you need to become capable, that’s a life coach.

When it comes to excelling in living- Samira Zuberi Himika is an image of strength and perseverance. She values the roles of various life coaches she herself had over the course of her growing years, without whom she could not become today’s Himika. And now is the time for her to give back.

After years of personally coaching people on various issues, she has decided to take up the role of a professional life coach.

Now the question arises- what gives her the credit to coach others about life itself? We would like you to scroll back and have a review of the milestones Himika has already touched, within such a short span of life.
She is serial entrepreneur. She is public speaker. She is an active campaigner. And while becoming all of this- she has stumbled, she has hesitated, and she has left old paths to dig some new ones on her own.

That is how she knows the bruises of the tender age of being. The fall that comes just after the beginning thrill of conquering the world. And she has never been hesitant to share that knowledge with those who seek help.

Starting from June 2017, Himika is starting free life-coaching sessions for the coming of age young students and professionals. In a structured method, Himika intends to simplify the knots that keep people restless inside themselves. As happens with the clients of life coaches, they can always come back to her for resolving other issues. She is considering having limited one-to-one sessions as well. She hopes that wonderful stories are going to come flooding out of this new initiative of hers.