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Tanvir Shuvo

Tanvir Shuvo

Social Enterprise Policy Dialogue held at British Council Bangladesh

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Brittish Council with partnerships of A2I, Team Engine – a social good company, mpower, Betterstories, Future Startup and Dnet organized Social Enterprise Policy Dialogue on February 23rd, at it’s premise. Himika was a spokeperson on the…

Climbing up the Walls – The Story of Wasfia

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Wasfia Nazreen comes from Bangladesh- a country where maternal mortality rate is very high. Where more than 50% of the married women face physical and mental violence within their home. From her college days she…

Boss-woman Chronicles

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What defines a boss woman? They are strong They are smart They are badass To survive in the patriarchal society, all of us women have to have a certain amount of strength. Boss women are…

Art of Living – Introduction

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Art of Living is my memories, my philosophies and my beliefs- woven together into the never-ending chronicles of being me, being Himika. From childhood I have been in a family where development of this country…


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On the verge of 2011 – many young people were reaching Himika to pursue the secret elixir of giving life to one’s long cherished dream. Hundreds & thousands of them were reaching for her using…

Campaigner – Initial Phase

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In its simplest form, a campaigner is someone who works for a social or political change. Samira Zuberi Himika’s role as a campaigner starts from 2005, at UNDP: Department of Anti-Corruption Advocacy Campaign. Here Anti-corruption…

Who is a Life Coach?

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Someone who trains you to win the game of life, someone who challenges you to snatch that one thing that you have always wanted to have- and someone who gives you the effective help you…

Serial Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur was the coolest thing to do in the beginning of 1990s. Standing on 2017, the entrepreneurial trait which trumps entrepreneurship itself is Serial Entrepreneurship. Serial entrepreneurs are that elite sub-set of entrepreneurs…